Struggling with your weight? Think you’ve tried everything? I will bet you never thought of using homeopathy to promote and support weight loss?

So, how does it work? I have devised an 8 week programme that will help you to shed the pounds fast in a number of ways.

Firstly, you will have a constitutional assessment and treatment aimed at getting you really healthy & prepared for your diet by addressing any physical and emotional symptoms you have. There are times where the constitutional remedy can really help you drop the weight on its own. In addition, it can change food cravings and help your motivation.

After 2 weeks we will review your progress and start on the diet with my “waist away” homeopathic drops which will stop you feeling hungry on the lower calorie diet for 3 weeks. I will continue to treat you constitutionally as appropriate in this phase. You will have access to my recipe book to help with the diet and also access to an assortment of remedies if cravings get in the way. You will have weekly check ins to help monitor how you are doing. These can be arranged face to face, by phone, Skype or the best medium for you. Most participants in my pilot study lost an average of between 12-18 lbs in 21 days

Once you have completed 23 days on the diet, we will move to the maintenance phase of three weeks where we aim to reset your metabolism, so that you won’t regain weight in the same way as previously. People who struggled a little in this phase found my “liquid willpower” homeopathic drops helped them to feel fuller as they increased the calories.

I have a qualification as a metabolic diet specialist, and should you wish, I can advise you about continuing with a metabolic diet on an ongoing basis. This healthy eating based diet aims to increase your metabolism through cleansing the system, and balancing your hormones .

Total cost for full 8 week programme £225 paid in advance ( a saving of over £150 when purchased as individual sessions). There is an additional cost for the metabolic diet programme.

However, should you wish to pay for each individual phase, this is also possible and sessions can be purchased on an as needed basis at full cost of £70.00 for initial assessment and £50.00 for each follow up.