homeopathic consultations

Adults - initial consultation 90 minutes, including remedies £70.00

Adults - follow up sessions up to 45 minutes £50.00

Prepaid adult package: initial & 2 follow up sessions £140 (saving £30.00)

Children & teenagers, aged 0-19, initial session including remedies £50.00

Children & teenagers aged 0-19 follow up sessions £35.00

Prepaid youngsters package: initial & 2 follow up sessions £100 (saving £20.00)


Sleep therapy including homeopathy

Adults initial sleep consultation including homeopathy £80.00

Adults follow up sleep/homeopathy sessions £50.00

NB: The initial session will take around 2 hours to encompass both sleep history and full homeopathic consult.





Homeopathy for acute ailments

I advise patients to purchase a homeopathic first aid kit for home. These come complete with instructions. However, should you wish me to make an acute prescription over the phone, the cost is £20.00