As a person involved in the adoption triad on two sides, I am aware of the emotional issues which can affect both adoptee and adoptive family. I am passionate about helping all involved in adoption.

Homeopathy can help anyone, both young and old with a range of issues related to adoption. Perhaps a young person can become easily dysregulated, and find it difficult to cope with their own emotions and behaviours. Maybe there is a constant yearning to look back to the past, feelings of identity crisis, or perhaps family members feel out of sync with each other, to name just a few issues. Homeopathy is not a miracle pill to solve these issues, but the right remedy can help to build confidence, balance out the emotions and help with acceptance of certain circumstances.

Alongside the emotional issues outlined above, adopted people and their families with regular physical issues like skin conditions, menstrual problems, hay-fever etc can also be helped with remedies.

Due to my avid interest in all things related to adoption, I offer a reduced fee clinic for all involved. All sessions are costed at 20% below normal ( see below for costs)


Initial consultation of up to 90 minutes including all remedies for adults :£70.00 (normally £100.00)
Children up to 18 years: £50.00 ( normally £70.00)

Reviews 30-60 minutes
Adults: £45.00 (normally £60.00).
Children up to 18 years £40.00 ( normally £50.00)